I absolved my basic education in dance and choreography at the Taller Escuela Margarita in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Around 1990 I came to Berlin and gained a lot of experience in Butoh. Besides of numerous projects in the community of free dance-theater I took part in productions by Stephanie Hecht . From 2005 to 2015 I was part of the Anna Barth ensemble TanzArtLabor. Some componets of Butoh – the reduction of the movement to the essential and the magic of the moment – awakened my interest in the area of improvisation.

2010 I took part in organizing the series of improvisation “Frequenzen” in Exploratorium Berlin. Since then I explore the deepness and diversity of improvisation. Since 2013 I moderate besides Miriam Bondy the Grenzgänge, a research lab for voice, sound and movement.

Since 2018 I have a duo project with Johannes von Wrochem dance/guitar with the name Xho-rtn

At the moment I’m experimenting with objects and thereby dealing with following questions: Can the essence of my dance be transmitted to a artificial body? Can I bring an invented being to life?