Dragons of the Sea by Producciones Abismales

Object theater designed for public spaces and public all ages, in particular interesting for children.

A flying fish appears in the sea space. The shape and movement of their fins remind us of a dragon fish. Full of joy goes on the discovery of the environment. Jump and dance between the audience, inspires everyone with its ease and perceives everyone as a sea creature.

Shortly thereafter, a diver comes into play. With old research objects examined the seabed.
Unobtrusively nourishes the fish. Surprises, misunderstandings and at the end a poetic encounter come into play.
Suddenly, the diver stays stuck to the mud of the seabed (the mud is plastic waste). The fish tries to save him, without success. Out of pure desperation, the diver calls the audience for help. The rescue operation becomes an interactive game. The audience is encouraged to eliminate the plastic waste. This action turns the plastic bags into flying kites.
The diver is saved, but the fun does not last as long as the curious fish gets entangled in the middle of the dragon dance. Again the audience participates in the game, the fish is helped, the fins are cleared of plastic, but the fish is almost suffocated.

In the last dramatic moment the fish coughs out, plastic pieces comes out of his mouth.
A short, happy scene finally brings back the lightness of the beginning.

Premier: 8. June 2018, Theaterhaus Berlin Mitte
Further performances: 8. June, 14. and 15. July, 1. ans 2. September 2018, Theaterhaus Berlin Mitte